Work at Home or in a Green Office Building?

Where Will You Work Next? By Matthew Philips, Newsweek Web Exclusive.

Wireless and mobile technology may have untethered legions from their cubicles, but companies are still spending billions to erect new green buildings.

The year 2030 sounds far off. In a way, the number itself conjures images of silver unitards and hovercrafts, just as 2010 probably did to people back in 1990. A lot's changed since then, but more has stayed exactly the same, which is part of the problem.

For the last half century, by and large, Americans have driven to work by themselves in a car. Chances are that your commute takes longer than your parents' did, and theirs took longer than their parents'. As we've spread from city centers into farther-flung suburbs, we've created a work-life paradigm plagued by snarled traffic and longer commute times. That's not exactly sustainable. So what comes next?

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