Tennessee conducts business survey on green jobs

Tennessee is one of the first states in the nation to conduct a comprehensive business survey to identify green jobs. This month the Tennessee Department of Labor is mailing more than 6,000 surveys to Tennessee employers.

The surveys focus on economic activity in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries as well as identify occupations and skill requirements within those industries.

A green job is defined as one that directly produces green products or provides green services in any of the following five sectors:

— Producing or manufacturing renewable energy
— Increasing energy efficiency
— Conserving natural resources
— Preventing, reducing and cleaning up pollution
— Producing clean fuels and transportation

The results of the analysis will be published online in the spring of 2011 at http://www.sourcetn.org and will establish a baseline from which to measure future growth of green industries and jobs within the state.

Posted on the TheDailyTimes.com, June 25, 2010.