Solar Energy Makes Nation More Secure, Reduces Defense Expenditures

Offshore WindA year-long investigation concludes solar energy installations on US Military Bases will lower the US Department of Defense energy bill, and make the US more secure by removing the DoD's dependence on the grid.

The investigation by ICF International found that 96 per cent of the surface area of the bases in California and Nevada is unsuitable for solar development because of military use, endangered species and other factors. However, the compatible area is large enough to generate more than 30 times the usage of the California bases, around 25 per cent of the energy the state’s utilities will be required to produce by 2015.

The DoD is looking to deploy renewable resources to reduce its $4 billion per year energy bill and make the US military more secure and less dependent on the commercial electricity grid.

The solar PV installations will also create many temporary construction jobs, and full-time maintenance and operations jobs when the installation is complete.

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