Record Number of Green Jobs Indexed in January 2012

Image by The Blue Green Alliance
For the first time in its more than 2-year history, The Green Job Bank indexed almost 11,000 green jobs in a single month.

January 2012 was the best month ever for The Green Job Bank, with 10,954 green jobs indexed, of which 7,596 are still active. The current active green job count is 10,510.

2011 was also a record year, with 65,613 green jobs indexed during the year, a 35% increase from 2010 which had 48,893 jobs.

There are 2 reasons for these increases:

  • The Green Job Bank constantly increases the number of sources it indexes jobs from, and
  • The absolute number of green jobs is also increasing.

It's currently very difficult to breakdown the increase between the two, so measuring the absolute growth of green jobs is also very difficult. However, since The Green Job Bank has increased its sources by less than 35%, it's relatively easy to say that the absolute number of green jobs has increased.

Note: an active green job posting is a posting that is still present on its original source (employer website, recruiter website or green jobboard), AND that is less than 60 days old.