Millions of Green Jobs in 25x’25 Alliance Goal

25x25 Reaching the 25x'25 Alliance's vision of meeting 25% of the nation’s energy needs with renewable energy by 2025 would have a favorable economic impact on rural America and the nation as a whole.
Including multiplier effects through the economy, the projected annual impact on the nation from producing renewable energy would be in excess of $640 billion in economic activity and 4.7 million jobs in 2025, most of those in rural areas.

While all the states see increases, the top 15 states with economies projected to benefit most in terms of green-jobs from the development of a renewable energy sector include:

  • Missouri (240,800)
  • Illinois (201,000)
  • Iowa (196,300)
  • Nebraska (161,500)
  • Texas (159,000)
  • Tennessee (155,700)
  • Kentucky (148,500)
  • Kansas (125,200)
  • Minnesota (124,600)
  • Oklahoma (122,500)
  • Arkansas (109,200)
  • Indiana (106,400)
  • Virginia (85,000)
  • Mississippi (84,500)
  • West Virginia (75,800).

By 2015, an estimated 1.4 million jobs would be created; by 2020, job creation grows to 2.9 million. These jobs are created as a result of economic growth – in 2015, the growth in these industries is estimated at $208 billion and by 2020 the growth is projected at $411 billion.

The study, authored by The University of Tennessee's Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics did not assume that any particular policy would be needed to achieve the goal. It used a linear growth analytical model to measure the energy needs based on projections published by the US Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration.

The renewable energy mix required would increase by 1,280% for solar, 533% for transportation fuels, 462% for geothermal, 348% for wind, and 265% for biomass for heat and energy. To achieve this goal, the nation would need to add 5.3 billion gallons of transportation fuel capacity per year and 95 billion kWhs of electricity annually over the 15 year period.

"This report makes clear – and should make clear to policy makers – that these renewable energy resources and a 25x'25 clean energy future offer the nation a triple bottom line of energy security, environmental benefits and economic recovery," said Read Smith, co-chairman of the National 25x'25 Steering Committee.

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