Labor Department's 5-Year Strategic Plan Emphasizes Green Jobs

As Congress installs a new Republican majority in the House, the Obama Administration is gearing itself for a tougher fight to create jobs, against looming budget cuts. The Labor Department's 2011-2016 strategic plan establishes 5 strategic goals in support of Secretary Solis's vision of "Good Jobs for Everyone":

  • Prepare workers for good jobs and ensure fair compensation.
  • Ensure workplaces are safe and healthy.
  • Assure fair and high quality work-life environments.
  • Secure health benefits and, for those not working, provide income security.
  • Produce timely and accurate data on the economic conditions of workers and their families.

One of the 14 outcome goals will be to "Assure skills and knowledge that prepare workers to succeed in a knowledge-based economy, including in high growth and emerging industry sectors like green jobs."

A key element of the report is Hilda Solis's definition of a "good job". Here are some of the ways she used to define good jobs to Congress in February 2010:

  • A good job is safe and secure and gives people a voice in the workplace.
  • A good job is sustainable and innovative, for example, a green job.
  • A good job provides access to a secure retirement and to adequate and affordable health coverage.

The goals will be achieved by putting in place a number of actions and programs to train and protect workers, to provide employment and training to veterans, to promote employment opportunities for workers with disabilities, to promote employer responsibilities, to advance equal employment opportunities, and to promote flexible workplaces.

If you're really interested and very patient, you can read the full report.