New Hawaii Wind Farm Project to Create 200 Green Jobs

A new wind energy farm is coming to Oahu's North Shore
By Holly Juscen, Hawaii News Now

KAHUKU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The North Shore is known for big surf, but could become famous for something else, Oahu's first wind energy farm in two decades.

The $117 million project will create jobs over 200 jobs, and it will bring more renewable energy to the island.

The project will be built on an empty piece of land between Kahuku and Turtle Bay, off of Charlie Road. There will be twelve wind turbines, similar to the company's farm in Maui.

But, in Kahuku there will be a first of its kind battery storage system. so when winds die down, stored energy will flow consistently. Hawaiian Electric will buy the renewable energy, enough to power up 7700 homes in the area.

Read full story on the Hawaii News Now. May 14, 2007