Gulf Coast now Looking for Green and Clean Energy Jobs

People do not want to go back to business as usual just because the oil spill has been stopped by BP. Over a visit to the coast it’s been observed that some people are losing hope. Gulf Coast residents need green energy jobs and not oil or gas related jobs that have impacted the health and the environment in a negative way. There is a dire need for clean energy jobs which can be attained through green education polices that put our economy on a green energy path.

People have heard about the expected creation of green jobs and stimulation of the economy through clean energy government policies. Obama has talked about this in the Gulf of Mexico tragedy, in his Oval Office speech. In terms of action, nothing substantial has been done, it’s been all talk so far. Action generates green business opportunities, not talk.

In fact over the decade number of green jobs have double more then the rate of overall jobs. There is even more need for clean energy job growth then what is prevalent, when unemployment is in double digits and Gulf coast residents are facing hardships in survival. A clean energy future will become real only if the government passes policies, that show business that they are committed to creating a green environment.

These policies are important to guide business on how to invest and also move in a direction towards creation on jobs in renewable energy and electric cars. Right now there is an opportunity to implement effective federal clean energy polices, which will close soon. Before politicians focus on the November election, there is an immediate need for Senate to approve a clean energy bill by end of summer. By approving the bill, the government will send a strong message to Gulf coast residents that their sufferings are being recognized. The government can show them that they are capable of taking effective action for job creation in the clean energy sector. It is very important for a strong bill on clean energy job growth not only for Gulf Coast residents but also the country, otherwise there could a ripple effect; loss of faith in both businesses and government, despair of the Gulf Coast residents.

See the original post on EcoInstitution. By michellelynn. July 22, 2010.