'Green' tech to offer jobs in northwest Ohio, official says

Alternative energy technologies are taking root in northwest Ohio, creating potential for job opportunities in the region as companies involved in those technologies grow, a University of Toledo official said yesterday.

"Green" companies involved in solar, wind, and biomass products are well established in the region and many of the job skills needed for these industries have been developed by the region's ties to the auto industry, said Megan Reichert-Kral, UT's director of incubation. The university has the Clean & Alternative Energy Incubator and a Minority Business Incubator.

She spoke about the job opportunities at a daylong Urban Green & Sustainability Forum at the university's Scott Park Campus of Energy and Innovation. The event focused on emerging environmental technologies and how they can help northwest Ohio's economy and work force.

Read the full story on the Toledo Blade. By the Toledo Blade Staff. May 22, 2010.