Green Jobs Plan Coming to Fruition

As the earth heats up, most nations concede that it is one of the major challenges they are facing today. Realization sets in when in past years extreme weather occurrences were experienced globally and is still being felt nowadays. Some scientific studies showed that this erratic weather patterns are primarily from man-induced emissions like burning of fossil fuel, clearing of natural resources and incorrect agricultural practices. Be it man made or natural, something has to be done.

In order to alleviate the effects of this global phenomenon, more and more countries are doing their share by “going green”, by leading a more environmentally responsive and ecologically conscientious lifestyles and decisions. One of the programs being adapted by different countries recently is the introduction of green jobs to their employment agenda. Green investments take green jobs. Take for instance the United States which is investing on hundred billion of dollars to roll out energy efficient transport system, renewable energy and other measures. These investments are generating employment leading to green economic growth and sustainability. Green consulting opportunities provide better income at the same time preserving the natural environment leading to climate change arrest.

According to a survey conducted by, a leading job search tool, shows one in 10 employers prioritize green jobs for their company. Green Jobs include skilled labor force to work on manufacturing green products, organic farming, recycling and green school teaching. Even the human resource consulting firm Buck Consultants can confirm to the growing change in green market. A survey made by the firm revealed 53% of employers have green programs in their company.

Green programs include reducing pollution, energy efficiency measures, recycling and reusing and waste management system. These will not only increase economic performance of a business but will surely create a green workplace. In South Asia, recycling of ship is already being practiced. Pakistan, India and Bangladesh uses and save valuable steel from wrecks. A green practice, a green job.

Japan Government on the other hand is offering zero-interest loans to companies with environmentally friendly projects and programs. In Europe renewable energy firms employ around 400,000 and still growing. These are just some of the nations doing their part and going green. With the rate of the green jobs coming to fruition and green trending being accomplished by different nations, we can now say that global cooperation is at hand and countries are already on their right track…boosting the economy by sustainable jobs and at the same time being friendly to Mother Earth.

See the original post on EcoInstitution. By Fiona Lennon. September 9, 2010.