Green Jobs of the Future

The global trend these days is generating green jobs. More and more countries are claiming to have included green jobs on their employment plans. Political candidates even brag about their platform on having programs to create green jobs. The term green-jobs is fast becoming a “by-word” for everyone, but do they really know what green jobs mean? Do they know what classification is needed for a job to be branded as green?

The concept of the “green-job” is very important but it is very vague. Yes, technically it is defined as a job or business considered to be environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible. It is a profession on which you improve energy efficiency, use renewable energy and protecting the environment leading to economic sustainability. But how would you categorize a job if it is green or not? If I am working on a steel factory emitting carbon on which the steel produced will be used for wind mill and solar panels, am I considered a green worker? If I am working on an automobile factory doing conventional cars and at the same time assembling hybrid cars, where category do I fall?

Based on study, green jobs of the future are categorize in three areas which includes industries producing solar system and wind turbines; manufacturer of new products such as hybrid cars and the likes; and jobs connected to energy sources renewal such as oil and coal to become cleaner fuels. To be more specific, green jobs include skilled labor force to work on green products manufacturer, in green farming, recycling, reusing and even green school teaching. Different nations have so far introduced green investments to take on green employment. A good example is the United States which is investing on hundred billion dollars to create an energy-efficient transport system and renewable energy sources.

Being specific on classifying green jobs is subject to much deliberation and discussion. For now, as long as you are working for the betterment of the environment and greening the society to attain economic growth then you are a green worker. It is important that “green-jobs” should be defined well and should be categorized if it will be considered green. It should be specific to be able to know if the people and the government that funds the program are making progress and the objective is being achieved.

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