Green Job Power Grab

By Michael Golz, FoxBusiness, May 17th, 2010

The Obama Administration’s stimulus program has billions of dollars set aside for green initiatives such as wind power and solar energy. Proponents of the plan say the nation’s unemployment rate can and will be lowered significantly by adding jobs in the green energy industry. Varney & Company engaged in a debate with two green energy advocates on how many jobs could be added.

“Some people estimate that the green sector is about 750,000 [jobs] total,” said Sam Sherraden of the New America Foundation. “So it’s going to be very difficult for an industry that small to create the huge number of jobs that we need to get Americans back to work.”

According to the American Wind Energy Association, there are about 2,000 jobs in the country that are directly related to the wind power industry. For solar power, the Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that there are 46,000 jobs directly and indirectly related to the industry. While these numbers are estimated to grow over the next few years, Sherraden says there is worry in the industry about being overstretched.

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