Great News for Green Jobs and Investments in North Carolina

North Carolina LilyWith a 35% tax incentive for renewable energy investments and expenditures, North Carolina is one of the best states for renewable energy investments.

The report shows that in 2011, the state spend about $11.3 million in renewable energy tax incentives, and the corresponding private investments and expenditures by both households and businesses reached a total of $108.2 million.

Photo © MB Baumeister

The number of green jobs preserved or created was not reported by the state. But assuming that 1) half the expenditures were in labor costs, and 2) the average green job worker annual salary is $40,000, the number of green jobs is about 225 per month of construction or installation work. If the average installation/construction time is 2 months, then the number of jobs is 450.

Among the businesses spending the most (over $1 million) were Airport Solar One, Bank Of America, Clean Burn Fuels, DTE Biomass Energy, Duke Energy Corporation, FLS Solar 10, FLS Solar 20, and Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

24 other businesses and individuals spent between $100,000 and $1 million.

Download the full report.

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