The GoingGreen 100 Top Private Companies of 2009

From AlwaysOn: The green revolution promises to deliver the next step in human evolution: a future of unprecedented prosperity and abundance that is also sustainable. The fastest way to this future is to look for companies—everywhere—that are using new technology to deliver resources better, faster, cheaper, and cleaner.
With every industry and sector on earth in the midst of a green revolution, plenty of worthy candidates always present themselves for the GoingGreen 100. Adhering to the usual criteria, our judges evaluated hundreds of companies, assessing the breakthrough potential of their technologies, market size, management team, and investors. In some cases, we selected companies still in the startup stage, but for the Overall Winner, we chose solar provider BrightSource Energy, a company has well-established technology, a seasoned management team, and appears poised to deliver competitively priced electricity at scale in the near future.
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