General Electric Names Winners of Ecomagination Home Challenge

General Electric announced yesterday the winners of its Ecomagination Home Challenge. 9 US-based companies and 1 UK-based company will share $63 million in financing.

And the 10 winners are:

  • Ember’s wireless communications technology connecting devices, homes and the grid
  • GMZ Energy’s heat-to-electricity converter to capture solar energy
  • Hara’s software for reducing energy, water, waste, and carbon
  • Nuventix’ LED cooling system
  • OnRamp Wireless communications system
  • Project Frog’s pre-fabricated green buildings
  • SunRun’s residential solar services
  • Viridity’s “virtual power plants” that help integrate renewable power
  • VPhase’s household energy control device
  • WiTricity’s wireless charging solution for EVs and consumer electronics

In Addition to the 10 winners, 5 other companies will each receive $100,000:

  • E.quinox’s renewable energy for developing countries
  • PlotWatt’s smart meter analysis
  • Pythagoras’ solar windows
  • Suntulit’s climate control systems
  • Xergy’s green refrigeration systems

Over the next few months, the Green Job Bank will track the green jobs created by these 10 companies.