EnerG2 Bringing Green Jobs to Albany, Oregon

ALBANY, Ore. -- A new energy company is breaking ground on its newest location in Albany and bringing green jobs and green technology to Oregon. It will use the newest green energy technology to improve the kind of batteries used in hybrid cars.

"You'll see better range and higher efficiency from your car, you'll see more and more hybrids adopted because it will become more cost-effective and perform better, and eventually, you'll see all electric drive systems," said Rick Luebbe of EnerG2. EnerG2 managers say they chose Albany because of its manufacturing background.

"Our vision is to make Albany the center for energy storage materials," said Luebbe. They along with Albany-based Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc. will make the product locally and ship it out globally. "We're actually doing the best we can to keep cutting edge technologies and keep the manufacturing base for those technologies here in the U.S.," said Luebbe.

This new energy-efficient technology is even catching the eye of Oregon politicians. "This is part of the innovation economy. This puts us on the right side of history," said Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon). Governor Kulongoski agrees adding that this company is addressing some of the most serious issues facing Oregonians. "That's the issues around climate change, around fossil fuels, around energy security," said Governor Ted Kulongoski (D-Oregon).

Development of the new plant was made possible by a federal stimulus grant, which will help make Oregon a greener state and also create jobs. "Thirty-five jobs isn't a lot for a community our size, but it's the quality of jobs and it's the amount of the higher paying wage for jobs that benefit a community," said Albany Mayor Sharon Konopa.

EnerG2 says it expects to start moving equipment in over the next few months and they'll ship out their first product by fall 2011.

See the original post on KEZI 9 News. By Heather Turner. August 11, 2010.