Debt Ceiling Done, Now Green Jobs

BlueGreen Alliance America Must Now Turn to Solving the Jobs Deficit. By David Foster, Executive Director of the BlueGreen Alliance.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 2, 2011) After the House and Senate passed legislation raising the debt ceiling and cutting as much as $2.4 trillion in spending over the next decade, the BlueGreen Alliance released the following statement from Executive Director David Foster:

"With more than 14 million Americans out of work, and with sluggish job growth over the last few months, immediate action is needed to put people to work and to ensure that the U.S. stays competitive in the 21st century.

Unfortunately, the resolution to the manufactured debt-ceiling crisis does nothing to address the heart of America's long-term economic problem: job creation. Slashing spending will not create jobs, it will not spur economic growth; it will only make it more difficult to solve America's jobs crisis.

Congress must now turn to solving America's jobs deficit.

Securing the jobs we have now and investing in the industries of the future - renewable energy, energy efficiency, advanced transportation and infrastructure, a smarter electrical grid, broadband internet, safer chemicals, and recycling - require market-based incentives and broad public-private partnerships. Our economic competitors have all adopted similar initiatives that are spurring job creation in manufacturing, construction, education and other sectors. This is our path to economic growth, global leadership, and to putting America back to work.

The BlueGreen Alliance urges Congress to pass the strategic economic policies that will spur job creation in the industries of the future. If we don't take action now, we risk taking the backseat as other countries like China take the lead in a global 21st century economy."