Is Counting 'Green Jobs' a Green Job or a Hazardous Undertaking?

By Saqib Rahim of ClimateWire. May 24, 2010.

On a good day, Michelle Charak might haul away 300 boxes of outmoded buttons from a factory that's all too happy to lose the clutter.

At her shop in New York City, she'll hand-stitch the buttons into chic necklaces and bracelets, then sell them on her company's website,, for hundreds of dollars a pop.

Is that a "green job"? Charak says so.

"They think it's junk. So I take their junk and I make something," she says. "It's not your typical green job, but it has probably a lower environmental impact than most of the green jobs out there."

According to the Department of Commerce, she may be right. Last month, the agency released "Measuring the Green Economy," an early attempt to take inventory of how many "green jobs" exist today -- and what should count anyway.

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