Interior Secretary Approves Cape Wind Project

So beautiful Cape Cod may well become home to America's first offshore wind farm, after all. Or maybe not.

On Wednesday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar finally gave the go-ahead for the $1 billion Cape Wind project in federal waters off Massachusetts on Nantucket Sound. The decision is viewed as a wind-power bellwether, since the industry still hasn't built a single offshore turbine in the U.S. Yet this saga—which has already dragged on for most of a decade amid fierce political opposition and claims of "visual pollution," shorebird Cuisinarts and the desecration of Indian burial grounds—still isn't over.

The Cape Wind company estimates that it has spent more than $45 million in the so-far-endless gauntlet of regulatory reviews, government studies, public hearings and environmental lawsuits. The biggest obstacle has been that Bay State liberals support renewable energy, as long it is produced somewhere else. The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, a well-funded opposition outfit, has already vowed to file suit against Mr. Salazar's approval, and the legal battle could stretch out for another five years or more.

Read the full story on the Wall Street Journal. Thursday April 28th, 2010.