BusinessWeek's 25 energy startups to watch

July 21, 2009.

I thought it would be very interesting to see which of the Business Week 25 energy startups to watch are hiring. If they're successful and growing, they should have plenty of jobs to offer!

Well, the job situation isn't great, but not too bad either... The bad? 10 of them are not hiring. The Good? The gold star goes to Silver Spring Networks with 31 jobs, the silver to Solyndra with 11 jobs, and the bronze to eMeter with 10 jobs. The other ones have only a few open positions.

In total, these 25 hot startups are offering 109 jobs. With the tens of millions of dollars in venture capital poured into them, I'm not sure it's a good job generation engine; but I'll let you be the judge...

Achates Power Job openings: none
AltaRock Energy Job openings: none
BioFuelBox Job openings: 3 green jobs
Bridgelux Job openings: 7 green jobs
BrightSource Energy Job openings: none
Clean Current Power Systems Job openings: none
Coulomb Technologies Job openings: 4 green jobs
eMeter Job openings: 10 green jobs
Enphase Energy Job openings: 7 green jobs
Fat Spaniel Technologies Job openings: None
GreatPoint Energy Job openings: None
GridPoint Job openings: 1 green job
Ice Energy Job openings: None
InEnTec Job openings: None
Miasole Job openings: 8 green jobs
Silver Spring Networks Job openings: 31 green jobs
SmartSynch Job openings: 2 green jobs
SolarCity Job openings: 7 green jobs
Solazyme Job openings: 4 green jobs
Solicore Job openings: none
Solyndra Job openings: 11 green jobs
Southwest Windpower Job openings: 2 green jobs
Tendril Networks Job openings: 8 green jobs
Verdant Power Job openings: None
Verdiem Job openings: 4 green jobs

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August 4 update

On August 4, Bridgelux went to 6, down from 7; eMeter went to 4, down from 10, enPhase went up again, from 7 to 9. Silver Spring Networks still holds the top position, but went down 1, from 31 to 30. SolarCity went down from 7 to 5; Solarzyme went up 3 from 4 to 7; and Verdiem went down to 6.

July 30 update

On July 30th, Enphase's job count went up from 7 to 9, and Verdiem from 4 to 6.
The new total increases from 109 to 113.