BlueGreen Alliance Launches "Jobs21" Campaign

The nine-state campaign - launched by the Blue Green Alliance in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and California - will bring together union members and environmentalists to promote the creation of good jobs through investments in the clean energy economy, including renewable energy, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and high-speed internet. In addition, the campaign will focus on the importance of environmental regulations to reduce emissions and create jobs and protecting the health and safety of workers and communities.

The campaign will be spearheaded by former Congressman Mark Schauer of Michigan and the former Minnesota State Senate Assistant Majority Leader Tarryl Clark.

"This is a fight for our future and a fight we must win - to move our country forward, to make America competitive in the 21st century economy, and to rebuild our nation's middle class. We can't afford to wait any longer to put America on the leaderboard of the 21st century economy," said former Congressman Mark Schauer of Michigan's Seventh Congressional District.

"Making the strategic choice now to position the U.S. to compete in this century's global clean energy economy is critical to creating good, middle class jobs in America." said Leo W. Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers, and a co-founder of the BlueGreen Alliance.

"This campaign is about putting Americans back to work with good jobs that will also help solve our energy and environmental challenges," said Carl Pope, Chairman of the Sierra Club and a co-founder of the BlueGreen Alliance.