3 Green Industries in the Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries

Wind, Solar and Environmental Consulting experienced strong revenue growth, and are in the top 10 fastest growing industries from 2000 to 2016, according to IBISWorld, a research firm.

From a job creation perspective, environmental preservation also shows up in the top 10 hiring industries.

“Each industry on the list fell into one or more of five sectors: environmental preservation, construction, automotive, real estate and insurance,” said Justin Molavi, IBISWorld industry analyst.

Even though the Obama Administration and Congress haven't come up with a comprehensive energy policy, the green job creation programs of the Obama administration are working and are creating large numbers of green jobs.

IBISWorld shows that new government regulations will energize green jobs creation in the fields of environmental preservation, sustainable building material manufacturing and remediation and environmental cleanup services industries.

Read the full IBISWorld report. June 17, 2011.