Where are the Jobs? - CNN Interview with Green Recruiter, Redfish Technology

Did you catch the interview on CNN "Where are the Jobs?"

Here is a synopsis:

Despite November’s bleak unemployment report, some economists expect hiring to improve soon. CNN’s Mary Snow interviewed economist Lakshman Achuthan and recruiter Rob Reeves to find out where the jobs are.

Mary Snow, CNN Correspondent:
With only 39,000 private sector jobs added last month, it’s hard to find any silver lining in the November jobs report. But economist Lakshman Achuthan says most of the report is looking through a rearview mirror.
Lakshman Achuthan, Economic Research Cycle Institute:

“The really important takeaway is that the recovery continues. There is no double dip. There is actually a revival, if you look at forward-looking indicators, a revival in growth.”

Rob Reeves, a recruiter in Sun Valley, Idaho in the tech sector and in alternative energy jobs such as wind and solar power, says he’s been placing people in jobs in the last few months.

Rob Reeves: “The real upswing didn’t come until summer for us. And that’s when we saw a significant push … And we’re still seeing it.”

While construction and manufacturing continue to cut jobs, there are some workers in those fields who found work by switching to green jobs. Thirty-two- year-old Chris Dunbar spoke with CNN from Asheville, North Carolina with his boss at FLS Energy. The company specializes in solar energy and plans to hire 30 workers next year. Chris lost his job in construction a year ago.

Chris Dunbar, FLS Energy: “You see the writing on the wall and you know that you have to change at least your - your mindset. Your skill set, you know, you can - you have to realize that those skills could be used for - for a lot of different things.”

On the timing of looking for a job?
According to Achuthan: Right now, the next month, two or three, you’re going to get a lot more traction than you did in the past three months in terms of finding a job.

Watch the video:
"Where Are The Jobs?" CNN Interview.

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