Associate of Applied Science in Environmental Technology

The program is designed to give graduates a solid grounding in fundamentals while specializing in environmental technology.

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Associate Degree
Denver, CO

Safeguarding the environment is important, and those who work in environmental engineering technology develop solutions to critical issues such as water contamination, air pollution, and waste disposal.

After graduating with a two-year degree in Environmental Technology from Ecotech Institute, you might be working side by side with environmental engineers researching environmental impact of proposed construction, advising on the treatment of hazardous waste, designing wastewater treatment facilities, or maintaining equipment related to air pollution and recycling.

This Associate of Applied Science degree program is designed to give graduates a solid basis of education in the fundamentals of renewable energy while specializing in environmental technology. Students enjoy well maintained facilities, modern labs, and small class sizes--all geared to help them apply theory to the real world.

Ecotech Institute helps prepare its graduates to:

  • Understand and apply theory and principles of environmental engineering in order to modify, test and operate equipment and devices used in the prevention, control and remediation of environmental pollution--including waste treatment and site remediation.
  • Meet industry standards within the environmental technology field
  • Apply industry safety principles

Our Environmental Technology program might be right for you if you…

  • consider yourself a problem solver.
  • like the idea of safeguarding the environment.
  • are interested in math and science.
  • enjoy gathering and analyzing data.
  • like working outdoors.

Consumer Information for Environmental Technology (Associate's)

This program prepares students for careers in the field of renewable energy and focuses on environmental technology. The program is designed to give graduates a solid grounding in fundamentals while specializing in environmental technology. Industry-standard laboratories and facilities give students the opportunity to apply theory. Graduates will be prepared to become environmental technicians.

This program of study is designed to prepare students for the types of occupations listed below. The occupations listed are based on federal government information and represent the types of positions for which the program generally prepares graduates. The College makes no representation or warranty that its graduates have obtained these positions or that any future graduates will obtain these positions.