Any fuel, chemical and everyday product made from petroleum can be made by Enerkem from garbage. Our carbon chemistry keeps communities clean and green.

Montreal, QC, Canada
VC-Funded Company

Enerkem develops renewable biofuels and chemicals from waste.

Through the combination of a unique thermochemical technology platform and community-based advanced facilities, Enerkem addresses the challenges of oil dependence and waste disposal.

Enerkem has validated its proprietary technology over a period of 10 years using solid waste from numerous municipalities and other types of feedstock. The company’s process and business model are designed to profitably produce cellulosic ethanol from a large municipal solid waste supply.

Enerkem operates 2 plants in Quebec, Canada: a commercial demonstration facility in Westbury, and a pilot plant in Sherbrooke. Enerkem’s first full-scale commercial facility is currently under construction in Edmonton, Alberta and a similar project is under development in Pontotoc, Mississippi. These plants will produce methanol and cellulosic ethanol.

Enerkem is a private company founded in 2000 by its current senior management. It is majority-owned by institutional, clean-technology and industrial investors, including Braemar Energy Ventures, Waste Management, Valero, BDR Capital, Cycle Capital, Rho Ventures, The Westly Group, Fondaction CSN and Quince Associates, L.P.

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