LEED Retail Intro: Addressing the Challenges of Green Store Design

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Premium Course Details
AIA Course number: GEV00E
USGBC Course ID: 90005334
Credits: 1 AIA/CES LU Hour
1 GBCI CE Hour for LEED Professionals
1 LEED Specific BD+C GBCI CE Hour for LEED Professionals
1 LEED Specific ID+C GBCI CE Hour for LEED Professionals

This course provides an introduction to the newest LEED product, LEED Retail 2009, which includes both LEED Retail NC and LEED Retail CI. The course will help retail designers and retail project managers understand the challenges that retailers had using the standard LEED system that led to the creation of an alternative LEED product for retail. Any LEED AP working on retail projects will eventually need to learn how the LEED Retail system differs and explain to their clients the background of LEED Retail and discuss where the biggest opportunities lie in the context of green retail design.

Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the benefits of green & LEED retail
2. Compare the LEED Retail and standard LEED system
3. Identify specific strategies for retail projects that address retail sustainability challenges
4. Discuss key retail project components that can be addressed across a broad range of LEED Retail projects
5. Implement LEED and green strategies that other retail projects have used
6. Incorporate LEED Retail into company CSR and Sustainability Programs