LEED for Contractors: Credit Responsibilities Part 2 - Materials and Resources

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Premium Course Details
AIA Course number: GTF00B
USGBC Course ID: 90005308
Credits: 1 AIA/CES LU Hour
1 GBCI CE Hour for LEED Professionals
1 LEED Specific BD+C GBCI CE Hour for LEED Professionals

This course is part two of a two part program and provides an overview of the specific roles and responsibilities of the Contractor for the LEED BD&C rating systems. We will review which Materials & Resources credits have primary responsibility with the contractor and outline tools for the contractor to use for implementation and tracking by providing a step-by-step action list for each credit for the entire process. The course features project case studies, examples and tips and helpful tricks throughout.

Learning Objectives:
1. List specific LEED credits the Contractor is responsible for in the Materials and Resources (MR) category
2. List the LEED MR credits Contractor support is necessary for
3. Identify which of the LEED MR credits are out of the Contractor’s control
4. Plan, implement and document strategies to meet the LEED MR credit requirements
5. Identify real world examples of LEED implementation that have resulted in failure and should be avoided!