Algae Fuel Our New "Green Industrial Revolution"

Algae, the Emeralds of Bio Fuels

Algae fuel is an exciting word today! Especially in the world of alternative fuels. You’ve seen them, yes those ever present algae ponds. Nothing greener except perhaps Emeralds, than the wee algae pond scum. Algae are tiny nature made biological factories that use photosynthesis to transform carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy. They are so efficient at this that they can double their weight several times a day!

Part of this photosynthesis process, is that algae produces oil and can generate 15 times more oil per acre than other plants used for biofuels, such as corn and switchgrass. Algae can grow in salt water, freshwater, salt water marshes or even contaminated water, in the ocean or in ponds, and on marginal land not suitable for food production.

Above is a rendition of one of the possibilities of production of Algae Fuel. As you can see algae fuel production makes sense. It uses existing water and then reuses it again. Our precious water resources are minimized and used wisely. Algae fuel leaves a small carbon footprint, all the while cleaning up sewage and petrochemicals.

I see this new world as one in which we start our own new “Green Industrial Revolution”. One where we are cognizant and vigilant of our energy action. Isn’t it about time we cleaned up after ourselves? Isn’t it wonderful that science, nature and ecology have given us all that chance to just pass go and go green!