Rockport Capital

RockportRockport Capital collaborates with cleantech entrepreneurs to bring innovative and disruptive technologies to the 21st century.

Boston, MA
Venture Capital Firm

We’re a leading venture capital firm that partners with cleantech entrepreneurs around the world. We collaborate with management teams to foster growth and create value, building innovative companies that bring disruptive technologies and products to the 21st century.

Our sector expertise combines with our broad global and policy experience to deliver proven results. We have a track record of providing the insights and the networks that propel companies to success.

We were one of the first to identify the investment opportunity in clean energy and related technologies, and have been helping to build companies ever since. We know that given the complexity of the markets in which we operate, success requires a depth of expertise far beyond providing access to capital. Our industry reach, deep market understanding, and first-hand experience in building substantial businesses enable us to successfully transform ideas into marketable products.

RockPort itself is founded on the entrepreneurial experience of our partners in various energy-related fields. We understand that winning companies are built by superior managers, not technology alone. We share the vision, urgency, creativity and determination of our entrepreneurs.

Here's a partial list of Rockport Capital "green" portfolio companies:

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