NGEN Partners

NGEN Partners invests in world class entrepreneurs seeking to change industries through innovation, creativity and the promotion of environmentally sustainable products and services.

Palo Alto, CA | New York, NY
Venture Capital Firm

Of the greater than 700 venture funds that have invested in the sustainability and wellness sectors over the past several years, NGEN and fewer than 10 others have made 10 or more investments per year. NGEN is in an elite class of investors dedicated over the long term to identifying and backing world-changing sustainability ventures.

Founded in 2001, NGEN Partners invests in companies that positively improve the environment and human wellness. We seek entrepreneurs with unique business models and differentiated products and services, capable of rapid growth and sustained profitability. We invest in and alongside these entrepreneurs, helping them grow and sustain category leaders. We invest throughout North America, and have offices in California and New York.

Here's a partial list of NGEN's cleantech portfolio companies:

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