Hazel Capital

Hazel CapitalEstablished in 2007, Hazel Capital LLP is an independent London-based specialist investment manager investing exclusively in those "cleantech" sectors which help overcome global resource constraints and achieve a sustainable environment.

London, UK
Venture Capital Firm

Hazel Capital has provided seed capital for an incubated portfolio of eight companies which we believe are best in breed across these main cleantech subsectors: renewable energy generation, sustainable transportation and low carbon buildings. The objective of the “Hazel Cleantech Opportunities Fund" is to support technologies which are proven beyond the concept stage and where the portfolio companies exhibit clear technology roadmaps to cost parity and competitiveness.

The Fund's primary objective is to provide follow-on expansion capital to the existing portfolio companies. In addition, the Fund is expected to invest in a few selected new companies. The profile of each of the underlying investments are companies which drive the reduction in fossil fuel consumption which are mid to late stage companies with proven technologies. None of the companies have products that compete or are offered in any meaningful way by companies in the public domain.

The investment objective of the Hazel Global Cleantech Opportunities Fund I is to achieve a target return in excess of 25% IRR over a 6-8 year horizon. Each of our portfolio companies (each one is listed in "Our Companies" section) is a leader in its sector. These sectors are expected to undergo substantial growth resulting in multi billion dollar sales opportunities.

All our investments follow a clearly discernable technology roadmap and can demonstrate a cost curve and/or growth trajectory that management are pursuing. These factors are the key indicators of current and future success.

Sub-sector Focus

  • Clean Energy
  • Clean Transport
  • Energy Storage
  • Building and Energy Efficiency

Geographic Focus

  • Europe with a focus on the UK
  • In US co-invest with syndicate partners

Here's a partial list of Hazel Capital cleantech portfolio companies:


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