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General Catalyst

There’s a simple premise behind the founding of General Catalyst in 2000: entrepreneurs are best served by those who've been in their shoes. In fact, all of GC’s managing directors are accomplished entrepreneurs in their own right. We’re familiar with the challenges you face. And we thrive on our ability to use our entrepreneurial experience to assist, guide, and nurture entrepreneurs on their journey.

As a venture capital and growth equity firm, we're thrilled to encounter and delight in helping exceptional entrepreneurs and innovative companies bring a new product to market or transform an industry. But it’s more than just writing a big check. We're tireless in our business-building and partnership development assistance.

When it comes to our companies, we're attuned to bold, restless, clear-thinking entrepreneurs, who have the ability to hold optimism and reality in balance with one another. We favor large market opportunities and a capital-efficient approach to company-building. And we see no reason why we shouldn’t have fun together.

Here's a partial list of General Catalyst green portfolio companies:


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