CMEA Capital

CMEA CapitalMost venture capital firms claim to be different. But at CMEA you’ll see the differences immediately -from our headquarters, to our relationships, to our focus on your success.

San Francisco, CA
Venture Capital Firm

We believe the explosion in science over the last generation is a mere preamble to what lies ahead. Advances in our three focus areas – life sciences, information technology and energy and materials – will transform the way people around the globe live, work, treat their health and consume energy.

We also believe tremendous rewards await the patient investor who can identify those discoveries and nurture them to maturity. Not an easy task, nor is it risk free. But after 21 years of success nurturing more than 145 emerging companies, we’ve developed a repeatable, transparent process for generating a competitive return for our investors.

Here's a partial list of CMEA Capital cleantech portfolio companies:


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