Birchmere Ventures

Birchmere VenturesBirchmere believes that the entrepreneurs are the critical element of the venture economy. We are enablers of their dreams

Pittsburgh, PA
Venture Capital Firm

Birchmere Ventures was founded in 1996 to focus on private companies with high intellectual property barriers that create Engineering Driven Innovation. With over $160 million under management, we are a leading investor in highly differentiated Cleantech, Medical, and Technology companies.

Birchmere's portfolio companies are founded by entrepreneurs with deep domain expertise who are developing revolutionary innovations that sell into existing markets. Our fund investment team comprises technologists with strong operating and venture investing experience – we partner with our companies from launch to exit, helping them to minimize risk and maximize opportunity every step of the way.

We believe that entrepreneurship and innovation are the best means of enhancing sustainability of the planet, as well as improving the quality of life of all its people. We are proud to fund companies that make a positive impact on our world while successfully generating strong returns to our investors. Since our inception, Birchmere's companies have achieved a cumulative market valuation of $14 billion.

Birchmere has been recognized by Preqin as being among the highest-performing venture groups in the industry for well over a decade.

Here's a list of Birchmere Ventures' green portfolio companies:

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