Altira Group

Altira Group invests in technology enabled service companies, in oil, gas, and unconventional resources.

Denver, CO
Venture Capital Firm

Altira Group LLC is a Denver, Colorado-based investor in technology enabled service companies, primarily in the oil and gas industry. Over the past 15 years, Altira has successfully invested in over 50 companies across the energy industry, including several companies which have been instrumental in unlocking the world’s vast emerging unconventional resources. Altira’s team has been at the forefront of the oil and gas industry – investing in oil and gas technology and advantaged service companies since 1996. It is this extensive experience and proven track record that make Altira an investment leader of choice.

Our investment team's straightforward, collaborative style makes Altira a valued partner for entrepreneurs and portfolio companies alike. This, together with our domain expertise, global network of subject matter experts and connections with major players in the energy sector adds up to a very different experience than you'll have with other venture capital firms.

Altira has earned a reputation for doing more – going further to do what it takes in order to successfully grow companies. Once our rigorous due-diligence requirements have been satisfied, we're right there with you, rolling up our sleeves, leveraging our expertise and resources to translate your innovative ideas into reality.

Here's a partial list of Altira's portfolio companies:


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