Advanced Energy Economy (AEE)

Advanced Energy Economy Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) is a national network of state and regional business groups promoting American companies as global suppliers of innovative energy technologies.
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Energy Efficiency

Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) includes all solutions that move us toward the goal of energy that is affordable, abundant and secure. Rather than favoring specific technologies, advanced energy is inclusive in nature and judged by the benefits it provides in the field and in the marketplace. Electric and plug-in hybrid cars, lightweight composites for airplane bodies, natural gas-fueled trucks, high-performance buildings, more efficient industrial processes, and the latest wind, solar, and nuclear technologies - these all represent advanced energy in that they produce energy savings, use resources more productively, reduce dependence on foreign oil and reduce health and environmental costs.

AEE believes that advanced energy represents the next innovation-based industry and that the United States is best positioned to drive its development and reap its rewards. With global energy consumption expected to increase more than 50 percent by 2035, energy solutions will need to be cost effective, price competitive, applicable on a wide scale, and secure in their sources. That makes advanced energy -technologies and services that produce or manage energy in innovative ways- an economic opportunity for American companies and workers.

AAE was co-founded by Tom Steyer, founder and co-managing partner of Farallon Capital Management, and by Hemant Taneja, Managing Director of General Catalyst Partners, who also founded and co-chaired the New England Clean Energy Council (NECEC).

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