Green Employer of the Week Tesla, Profitable, Goes on a Hiring Spree

Tesla Motors Model STesla becomes profitable and adds 250 open positions in 10 days!

Finally some good news from the EV market. After the demise of Coda Automotive and the near death of Fisker (still on life support), it was about time to hear some good news from the Clean Transportation segment of the green economy.

Tesla reported sales of 4,900 Model S sedans with a revenue of $561 Million, and a net profit of $11.2 million. The sales volume exceeds the prior forecast of 4,500 Model S sales. Forecast for the year was increased to 21,000 from 20,000.

Tesla also repaid the entire balance of its $465 million loan from the Department of Energy. That should mute some of the criticism about the DoE loan programs for green companies.

Tesla Motors LogoThe company, with a green workforce of over 2,000, has stepped up its hiring in the past 10 days, with 250 open positions added since May 1st.

A clear sign of Tesla's hiring spree is a key new hire: a Human Resources Coordinator.

As of May 10th, two thirds of its 266 open positions were in California, and one third spread across 18 US states, as Tesla continues its aggressive dealership expansion. Top 5 states: