Solar Power Cheaper than Coal

By Zachary Shahan, CleanTechnica, Jan. 24th, 2012

Quite frankly, if the company’s numbers are correct, this could be the biggest solar energy news of the decade. (And CleanTechnica got the inside scoop — due to our sincere passion for helping the world, and probably also our status as the top cleantech or clean energy site in the world.) The key will be whether or not the technology performs as expected once a production prototype is created, and (even more so) if it eventually gets to mass production.

V3Solar spinning conical solar panels
The conical shape catches the sun over the course of its entire arc through the sky, along every axis. It’s built-in tracking.

As a quick refresher, we’ve covered V3Solar before, back when the name was Solarphasec. See: Solarphasec — Solar Power Meets Art (I think that includes a good intro of the tech, as well as an exclusive, real-world photo of an early version of a V3Solar cone or “Spin Cell.”)

But a simple intro of the tech isn’t the big story of the day (that’s old news) — the story of the day is the very low cost of the tech the company is reporting, and that’s what could change the world; that’s what could stimulate a more transformative distributed energy revolution than anything we’ve seen to date.

Read the full article on CleanTechnica, with a great video.