Several Green Companies on a Hiring Spree

Last week saw an unusual increase in the number of green jobs indexed by TheGreenJobBank. Even in a period of economic uncertainty, a number of green employers have added many new positions, proof that the green economy is more resilient than many others.

  • Energy Management company EnerNOC is one of them. They've added 19 new open positions this week alone, to bring the total to 61.

    These new jobs are in a wide variety of occupations, including sales, marketing, software development and administrative/management.

  • Environmental company AECOM has added 20 jobs, for a total of 65.

    New green jobs at AECOM include Air Quality Scientists, Environmental Engineers, and waste/water treatment technicians.

  • Another environmental company, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) added over 30 jobs last week, bringing the total open positions to 172!

  • And of course, our darling green employer, SolarCity added a stellar 64 jobs this week alone, and 14 last week, bringing its total to 129!

    21 of its open positions are solar site auditors. As described by SolarCity, "The Site Auditor will provide professional site auditing services to obtain and communicate the necessary technical data to the SolarCity design team for the preparation of permit ready documents needed to facilitate the installation of solar photovoltaic systems. This person will also function as a project manager, field technician, and permit technician when assigned to do so."

    And it's not a surprise that SolarCity has also many openings for sales reps and solar PV installers.

  • Although not at the top of the list for its total open jobs (50), highly respected The Nature Conservancy added over 30 jobs last week, which is remarkable for a non-profit organization.

Even though it's not as high as the number of weekly new jobs we saw in January and February (between 2,000 and 2,300 per week), last week's number of 1,722 is a good number in an economy that has regrettably slowed down in the past few months. However, it is somehow reassuring to see the companies listed above are on a hiring spree, in various segments of the green industry.