Green Home Remodeler Brings Hundreds of Green Jobs to Illinois

Power Home Remodeling Group, one of the nation’s largest home remodeling companies, has expanded its operations in Rosemont, Illinois, bringing in hundreds of green jobs in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. Power HRG has already hired more than 75 employees in the Chicago region with plans to create at least 150 additional jobs in 2013.

Power HRG specializes in energy-efficient windows, siding and roofs. Its Consultants educate, inform and guide customers on ways to make their homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Its products are manufactured in the United States, employing thousands of Americans in green jobs producing sustainable, energy-efficient products.

One of Power HRG's leading products is "eShield", an attic insulation product, utilizing the same reflective technology that NASA built into the space suits of its astronauts. eShield protects against all three forms of heat transfer (radiant heat transfer, convection and conduction).

Power HRG’s burgeoning success in a rebounding economy is due in large part to energy efficiency tax credits for homeowners, state and federal support for green-collar job growth and the company’s commitment to investing in a green workforce and renewable energy solutions.

In 2011, Power expanded into three additional markets including Boston, Long Island and Atlanta — accompanying its existing PA, NJ, MD and CT territories. As a result of this aggressive expansion, Power has added more than 600 jobs to the economy.