Green Employer of the Week SWCA Conducts Wildlife and Soil Surveys

SWCA Environmental ConsultantsSWCA Environmental Consultants is an environmental firm that focuses on natural and cultural resource management, environmental planning, regulatory compliance, and sustainability services.

SWCA primarily employs scientists in multiple disciplines including wildlife, biology, botany, environmental science, and archeology. Most positions, except administrative, require a master's degree or a PhD. The latest of their projects is Oyster Creek Watershed Avian Study.

SWCA currently has 20 open positions, 18 of which are in a field of science.

SWCA Environmental Consultants LogoEmployee-owned SWCA is a medium-sized company based in Phoeniz, Arizona, with 700 employees and $62 million in revenue in 2011. It has offices in 23 US states, with jobs open in:

Here are a sample of the green jobs advertized by SWCA: