Green Employer of the Week Opower has offset 3.6 billion lbs of CO2


Opower is the market leader in customer engagement for the utility industry.

With more than 75 utility partners, Opower's solutions have been deployed to millions of homes across North America, Europe and Asia.

Image credit: Opower

The company claims to have abated 3.6 billion lbs of CO2 emissions, saved $300 million for its customers, and saved 2.5 billion kw/h of electricity.

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With over 250 employees in green jobs, half of them software engineers, Opower is one of the largest software companies in the energy efficiency "big data" market. Currently, there are 41 open positions that are less than 60 days old. The company has advertized 135 jobs since the beginning of 2013.

Opower has offices with open jobs in:

Here are a representative sample of the open jobs, half them in software engineering, and the rest mostly in marketing and sales:

As a sign of its needs for a rapidly workforce, Opower is also hiring a Senior Recruiter, an Engineering Recruiter, and an HR Specialist.