Green Jobs: the 5 Most Eco-friendly Career Opportunities

Marine Biologist
By Dixie Somers of
Greener Ideals.

Businesses everywhere recognize their responsibility as global citizens to safeguard and conserve the earth’s resources for current and future generations.

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This goal is prevalent in a variety of industries relating to natural science, engineering, and architecture. Qualified people who want to follow an environmentally friendly career path have plenty of options, and here are a few of the top eco-friendly occupations around.

  • Urban Planning

  • Organic Farming

  • Marine Biologist

  • Management Information Systems

  • Forest Ranger

The complete story is on Green Ideals, at Green Jobs: 5 Most Eco-Friendly Career Possibilities

Here's TheGreenJobBank's take on these jobs: they're nice and eco-friendly, for sure, however they are very hard to get by, except for the MIS jobs.

If you run a search for urban planning (keyword "urban"), you find just a dozen jobs. Run a search for organic or farmer, and you'll find just a handful. Run a search for marine biologist (keyword "marine"), you'll find about 20.

As for forest ranger (keyword "ranger"), it's almost exclusively the domain of the US federal government, with about 20 as well.

It becomes much more interesting for MIS jobs. If you run a job title search on software, or database, information or web, you find a total of a few hundred. And many of the systems engineer jobs are in software development or information systems.

Most of the MIS jobs we have are at smart grid companies and energy efficiency companies like Opower (last week's company of the week), EnerNOC, Silver Spring Networks (our company on the week on Apr. 12, 2013), and Itron.

And to finish, we could debate at length to determine if all eco-friendly jobs are green jobs, and if green jobs are all eco-friendly...