Kansans for Wind

Kansans for Wind is a grass roots campaign advocating the benefits of wind energy in Kansas.


Kansans For Wind Energy is a group of businesses, civic leaders and supporters dedicated to promoting wind energy in Kansas. We believe wind energy is a vital component needed for a strong and vibrant Kansas economy.


Advancing the wind industry in Kansas.


Advancing Wind envisions a state where wind energy is recognized as a domestic, sustainable and competitive energy resource contributing to Kansas’s economic growth and prosperity.

We believe:

  • Wind energy creates economic growth in Kansas through new jobsand new opportunities for business and manufacturing.
  • Wind energy is a competitive resource and a direct contributor to
    Kansas’s economic growth and prosperity.
  • Wind power is an important component of Kansas’s diverse energy portfolio and creates a diverse, plentiful energy supply that propels Kansas and America to become energy independent.
  • Kansas farmers and small business owners benefit significantly from wind power construction and operation.
  • Kansas is one of America’s biggest producers of wind energy and has the capacity to be a leader in wind energy production.
  • Ranked ninth among wind resource in the U.S., Kansas is a leader in wind industry production and could provide more than 90 times the state’s current electricity needs.

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