Photovoltaics Training

The US Solar Institute is Simply the finest Professional Grade Photovoltaic Education Available at any Price.

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US Solar Institute
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL

We are the only school offering a real Department of Education licensed and accredited Diploma in Photovoltaics. Through our world class solar education and on the job training programs, we do what others mimic in class like settings by building real world installations and working on real applications. The US Solar Institute is truly the most unique and solar career relevant education available. We are headquartered in Florida and have offices/campus in several markets across the US, Caribbean, Latin America, Canada and in 2011 China.

Our faculty have spent their lives training for designing, specifying, supervising and building real world construction and solar projects. We understand what communities, employers, business owners, building officials, engineers, architects and bankers demand in this emerging market. We have adapted our curriculum to meet the needs of this emerging industry by providing real world solar applications and solar installations. Find out why employers love a US Solar Institute graduate and earn your Photovoltaic solar certification at USSI.