Leadership of Sustainability Systems

Specialization in Leadership of Sustainable Systems (MA, PhD)

Organization Name: 
Saybrook University
Degree : 
Master's Degree
San Francisco, CA

We are living in a time when new economic, environmental, and social challenges call for innovative leadership to create thriving organizations and institutions across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

The challenge is not a technical one: we have the technology. The challenge is a human one: do we know how to get a stakeholders at the local, national, and global level to work together?

Our specialization in Leadership of Sustainable Systems brings a unique focus on the human dimensions of sustainability. It puts the human experience and the practice of engaged collaborative leadership at the center of questions of resilience and regeneration for a viable future.

With a transformative and systems approach, this specialization encourages students to use systems thinking to understand the complex problems and opportunities of our time to engage in collaborative leadership, learning, and actions to build partnerships across diverse organizations, cultures, and sectors. This specialization is designed for and prepares people working in business, public, non-profit, social services, and education, to learn about the challenges of environmental and social sustainability and apply their knowledge and skills to help organizations to develop values and practices which support sustainable human and environmental systems. The specialization in Leadership of Sustainable Systems is designed to develop leaders who:

* Understand the challenges of organizational change.
* View organizations and communities as complex social systems.
* Create new structures and processes informed by humanistic values
* Support humane and sustainable practices