Associate in Science in Ecology and Environment

Associate in Science in Ecology and Environment: Science, Policy and Management.

Organization Name: 
Roxbury Community College
Degree : 
Associate Degree
Roxbury Crossing, MA

The Associate in Science in Ecology and Environment program will replace the existing program: Environmental Management and Pollution Prevention. We are proposing to increase the focus of the program more into science without missing all sights of policy and management. The new program will require completion of sixty credits from which fifty four are transferable. There are three main objectives that have guided the re-design of this curriculum.

Transfer Options: We have looked at environmental studies programs at a number of four year higher education institutions including UMass-Lowell, UMass-Boston, UMass-Amherst, Tufts University, Boston University and Northeastern University. Graduates of the proposed environmental science program will carry a large number of courses that are transferable to those universities. We predict that majority of our students will transfer to UMass-Boston, therefore, we have designed our proposal to closely match the first two years of study at UMass-Boston. Students at UMass-Boston can graduate with a biology or biochemistry major and with an environmental track. UMass-Boston is currently transitioning the environmental studies to a number of minors and as a result, we may have to review and revise our program again in the near future. Approval of two new courses as attached is requested.