BS in Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering

In Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering, students learn about ecosystem processes (the water cycle, nutrient transformation processes, and biological systems), how human activities such as agriculture affect these complex systems, and how to design sustainable solutions.

Organization Name: 
Purdue University
Natural Resources
Degree : 
Bachelor's Degree
West Lafayette, IN

Agricultural Engineering offers a unique perspective on environmental management that cannot be gained through other engineering or agricultural programs.

In environmental and natural resources engineering, you learn about the natural processes being affected - the water system, nitrogen cycle, biological systems and other ecosystems. You will also gain the background in chemistry and biology necessary to understand the influences of contaminants on the environment. Basic engineering principles are applied to avoid, reduce, and correct adverse environmental impacts on a wide variety of fronts including soil and plant environments, surface and ground water quality, air quality, animal environments, and food safety. Solution methods explored make use of some of the newest technological approaches including finite element analysis, sensor design, geographical information systems, and global positioning systems.