Presidio Green MBA

Presidio is the largest and fastest growing graduate school designed around the principles of sustainability. It offers a green MBA and a green MPA.

Organization Name: 
Presidio Graduate School
Degree : 
Master's Degree
San Francisco, CA

Presidio is the largest and fastest growing graduate school designed around the principles of sustainability. As a pioneer in higher education, Presidio has both helped define and expand the field with our distinctive Master degrees and Executive programs. Our interdisciplinary and systemic approach provides rigor and relevance by infusing sustainability into every discipline while emphasizing an action-oriented learning process that is highly practical. As a result, our graduates bring extraordinary value and operational insight to their chosen professions.

Climate change, energy security, ecosystem services, human health and economic stability are among the most complex and interdependent issues of our time. The demand for professionals who can tackle these challenges through business and civic solutions has never been greater. Creating effective solutions requires a new approach to better align social, economic and natural systems. Presidio was established to do just that.

While other graduate schools may offer stand-alone courses or concentrations in environmental management or corporate social responsibility, Presidio integrates a larger framework of sustainability into every course and across the entire program—including social innovation, integrated bottom-line accounting, sustainable marketing and ecological economics. This is the difference between incremental change and designing for systems thinking. Taking sustainability beyond classroom theory, our programs emphasize not only the transformative thinking about each discipline, but also practical tools and approaches to implement concepts within real-world contexts.

Presidio students learn professional competencies—economics, finance, governance, operations—required in every graduate program. What is different about Presidio is how students learn to think critically and apply sustainable management skills to create more effective solutions.

Presidio is producing a new kind of leader in every area—from business management to public policy, from social entrepreneurship to global governance—with the courage and competence to manage, influence, develop, teach, and create.