BS in Environmental Science

The BS in environmental science provides students with rigorous training in the fundamental science of the environment, and the application of the key scientific principles to the analysis of environmental processes and problems and to the development of practical responses to those problems

Organization Name: 
George Mason University (GMU)
Degree : 
Bachelor's Degree
Fairfax, VA

he program covers the fundamental techniques of environmental science and engineering, protection and improvement of environmental quality, environmental policy, risk assessment and risk management, and public and private decision-making processes. Graduates of the program are prepared to undertake careers in a variety of environmental science fields, and are also qualified to pursue advanced scientific/professional education.

Students select a concentration in ecological science, aquatic ecology, environmental health, human and ecosystem response to climate change, or conservation. Through the course work below, environmental science majors satisfy the university-wide requirements in natural science, quantitative reasoning, and synthesis.